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Only month and days left until The Lig!   









16th May!
To Lig of course!
good afternoon liggers

Due to forces out of our control we have been forced to announce the lig location a day earlier.

Just a quick note to confirm the starting pub of tomorrows lig is none other than the phoenix club!!!
You can find it on Booth street (which is apparently near the uni) and we will be there from 2 pm onwards for a few hours. if its nearer to 4pm i suggest texting me on 07834809984 just to make sure that havent moved to another pub.

bring your yellow cards as
a)its a scream pub
b) I havent got one.

Further info on the venue can be found here

Thanks for your interest - we'd love to se eyou all there.

Youll know it sus because we will be wearing 'Ligger' T Shirts

If weve got your number we will let you know where the lig starts (probably tonight).

Here is my mobile in case you want to join us a bit later on - drop me a text and I will tell you where we are.

07834 809984

You will know its us because (I believe) we will be dressed in a fashion that only someone enjoying a lig would be dressed. Trust us!


"Cloughys Lig" - Manchester, Friday 1st October, 2pm onwards.

It is my great pleasure to announce the next Sea-cret Lig, in memory of the great Ligger Brian Clough we are holding a pre and post gig Lig in Manchester.

The theme of this Lig is the famous Green Cloughy sweater, please do your best to find one of these from a charity shop / internet and wear it with pride on the day. The best one will get a small prize when everyone turns up.

We are focusing more on the Secret side of the "Sea-cret" word for this ligs location (basically as there isnt much Sea in Manchester) so the location will only be revealed the day of the Lig by text to all those that register there interest in coming.

To register please email your Name and mobile phone number to and you will be sent details on the day, Everyone is welcome so the more the merrier.

Any questions just leave them on the Lig board here

We'll look forward to seeing you,

The Lig Committee

"Cheap. Grubby. Great."


First of all we apologise for the lack of Lig news on here over the last year, Ligging is still going strong its just we have neglected this site and favoured the more informal way of the lig board for notifying people.

To mark our return to this site we have a new motto which encapsulates the ligging dream, all ligs must ring true to this motto, the NEW ligging motto is:

"Cheap. Grubby. Great"

I think you'll understand that these 3 simple words are what makes Sea-cret Ligs so special.

Stay Tuned to here very soon as there will be more news regarding our next Lig.

Thanks and its good to be back,

The Lig Committee

Hi Liggers

Welcome to lig central, where the lig committee are here to bring u exciting news of…wait for it… Lig v1.5 – The Liggers go to Leeds.

The Lig will be for one night only, much like the full Monty, but without the nakedness (then again if we get a bit to pissed you don’t know what will happen…) on the night of the 20th of December, to tie in with the gig at the rocket.

If any of you need accommodation there’s a travel lodge about a four minute walk from the venue where rooms are £54.95 each, and you can have family rooms which fit four (but obviously not meant to be four adults! – Manchester all over again), twin rooms (I think there’s none left though) and doubles.

The details are

Leeds Central
Blayds Court,
Blayds Yard,
Off Swinegate,
LS1 4AD.
0870 191 1655

As it’s Xmas we feel the lig should be themed in such a way so fancy dress all round, the more bizarre the better!

Therefore all Liggers will be requires to go L(/G)igging in xmas attire


porn stars
Satsumas etc

Take care,

Lig Out

pp. Big steev

Lig Committee

I do hope we havent broken our own rules by declaring an event in Leeds to be a Seacret Lig.

I am fully aware that there is currently no sea in Leeds but we might go in the dry dock , which is a boat. And it will probably rain - it rains at sea sometimes. and we be ligging. so we figured it would be ok.

Follows is a Ligging party political broadcast from the newest member of the Seacret Lig community, Sir Big Steve.


@ u know where

20th Decmember

this is a lig board take over but tough toody

theme for lig will be xmas (rather appropriate i feel)

therefore all liggers will be requires to go L(/G)igging in xmas attire


porn stars
satsumas etc

Big steev

You will now be able to find even more photographs at this top little site put together by Rob Carey. Just click here.

Dont forget to also go into HMV on Monday and buy this

Good morning fellow Liggers

I trust you are all well and all hangovers have now sorted themselves out.

It is the pleasure of the committee to present you with the first batch of photographs of this weekend which were taken by our very own Agent Wolla (apart from the ones with him in). Click here for the pics and i'm sure more will follow.

Boohoo SL#1 is no more.

But at least this site can REALLY take off now as prepartions for SL#2 are discussed. Yay

If youre looking for somewhere to stick your pics of the madness do let us know.

And keep a look out for the SL#1 awards announcements! (Let us know of any decent categories on the board)

Lig on x

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